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"I have to say, even knowing zip about the filing of flocks of woolly little critters, the interface is GREAT! Easy to understand where to click, what to enter, etc."
Paul Feist
Eureka, CA

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About FlockFiler Lite

Basic Form FlockFiler Lite is a computer database for keeping health, management, and breeding records of sheep. FlockFiler Lite is suitable for any shepherd and for flocks of any size. Even though FlockFiler Lite was designed for sheep records, goat herders are using it for their goat records too.

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Download the fully-enabled demo. When you are ready, purchase the license for $49.95 and receive your License Code online instantly.

Written documentation is provided for free as a PDF document. This document is bundled with the installation, but you can download just the PDF document separately if you want to read it first before installing FlockFiler.

View some example movies in your web browser. These narrated videos illustrate some of the many features.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. It includes answers too.

Browse these screen images of FlockFiler Lite. These are the from the Figures found in the User Guide section of the documentation.


FlockFiler32 FlockFiler Lite 2.0 is a FileMaker 14 runtime database project. Its requirements are that of this version of FileMaker itself (Windows 7 (SP1)/8/8.1/10).

FlockFiler64 FlockFiler Lite 2.0 is a FileMaker 16 runtime database project. Its requirements are that of this version of FileMaker itself (MacOS X 10.11 or later). The Windows version of FlockFiler64 has not yet been released as it is still in development and testing.

You do not need to buy FileMaker Pro separately. FlockFiler Lite is a stand-alone, complete solution built with the "runtime" FileMaker database technology of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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