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" I really adore this program and it has made organizing my flock and breeding records infinitely better - it is worth every penny. "
Brittany Vaden
Mayodan, NC

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FlockFiler: Lite v2.3.0 & Pro v1.3.0, Nov 5, 2018

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Both FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are bundled together into one download and one unified installation.

FlockFiler Lite 2.0 is a free upgrade for all previous FlockFiler Lite 1.x users. You don't need to purchase a new license code if you have already purchased a code for Lite previously, but you do need to perform a New Installation of the new FlockFiler.

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Mar 5, 2020 Update

FlockFiler Lite v2.3.1 and FlockFiler Pro v1.3.1 manual patch update for installations of Lite v2.3.0 and Pro v1.3.0.

PDF   FlockFiler Lite 2.0 Manual (.pdf)  1.2 MB

PDF   FlockFiler Pro 1.0 Manual (.pdf)  0.3 MB (draft revised Feb 8, 2015)

If your computer is too old to use FlockFiler32, you can still download the older FlockFiler.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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