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"I am enjoying using the program immensely."
Ferreh L. Hiat, Stockdog University
Springport, IN

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FlockFiler Lite 2.0

PDF   FlockFiler Lite 2.0 Manual (.pdf)  1.2 MB
Comprehensive guide to using FlockFiler Lite for all users.

FlockFiler Pro 1.0

FlockFiler Pro documention is still being written.
A partial draft as of Feb 8, 2015 is available as a PDF document.

FlockFiler Lite 1.7.2 (old version supporting older computers)

PDF   FlockFiler Lite Manual (.pdf)   MB
Comprehensive guide to using FlockFiler Lite for all users.

PDF   FlockFiler Lite Glossary of Fields (.pdf)   MB
Part of the Technical Reference Guide series for advanced users.


There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list (with answers) that may contain helpful information. It is a good idea to check there first to see if your question is already answered. This is the same FAQ that appears in the latest version of the written documentation.


Online Discussion Forum

The free online forum is where the community of users discuss FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro. This is a great place to ask questions and have them answered by other users. You can discuss record keeping techniques and share experiences. The author of FlockFiler (Tom Hays) also participates in the forum and answers questions.

The forum is completely searchable so you can easily locate and read related past discussions before you ask your question. Your answer may already be there in the forum.

The forum is free and open to the public. Logging in as a forum member (also free) is not required, but you will probably find it useful. Because it consists of web pages, the forum is a source of support that is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Add-On Solutions

FlockFiler is desgined to be open for add-on solutions for integrating with other technologies such as websites and third-party software. The Add-On Solutions page provides some supported solutions to help you integrate FlockFiler with the rest of your workflow.

Other Contacts

If you fail to find the support you need in the forum, you can e-mail the author, Tom Hays, at info@flockfiler.com. For technical support, using the forum is preferred because it can benefit the other users in the forum and you will be able to get a wider variety of assistance and ideas.


Suggest improvements to FlockFiler, the documentation, or the website at suggestions@flockfiler.com.

Report Bugs

Report bugs in FlockFiler or misbehavior of the website at bugreport@flockfiler.com.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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