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" I really adore this program and it has made organizing my flock and breeding records infinitely better - it is worth every penny. "
Brittany Vaden
Mayodan, NC

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How To Install the FlockFiler Pro v1.3.1 and FlockFiler Lite v2.3.1 patch

  1. Quit FlockFiler if it is currently running.
  2. Download and unzip the patch file archive: FlockFilerDataFiles131.zip (4.3 MB)
    This zip archive contains a folder named "FlockFiler Data Files 131" and two files within that folder named FlockFilerLiteData.ffp12 and FlockFilerProData.ffp12.
  3. Copy the two new files FlockFilerLiteData.ffp12 and FlockFilerProData.ffp12 from the folder "FlockFiler Data Files 131" into your FlockFiler installation folder replacing the two files of the same name that are already there. Note that your FlockFiler installation folder is named "FlockFiler32" under Windows or "FlockFiler64" under Macintosh and is located in your personal Documents folder by default.
  4. Start up FlockFiler and run FlockFiler Lite or FlockFiler Pro as normal. FlockFiler should automatically locate your backup file FlockFilerProBak130 for version 1.3.0 in FlockFiler Pro or FlockFilerLiteBak230 for version 2.3.0 in FlockFiler Lite and prompt if you want to read in the data from this backup file. Confirm that you want to Erase the sample data in these new files and import data from your backup file.

As part of the import procedure in FlockFiler Pro, records that were affected by the Sire assignment bug of v1.3.0 (described below) will automatically be located and corrected. A log entry will be added to each affected record describing the change.

Changes in this Version

FlockFiler Lite

Only cosmetic changes are in this version. This update is primarily included to keep releases in tandem with FlockFiler Pro.

FlockFiler Pro

This update primarily fixes a bug in the New Offspring guided interface (Offspring form and New Offspring button on that form). On that screen, the Sire is automatically filled in using the Birthdate, Dam, and which Sire that Dam was exposed to based on the Breeding Exposure records. The bug in FlockFiler Pro v1.3.0 is that the Sire will be automatically filled in with an invalid value if you have multiple Breeding Exposure records for that Dam on or before that Birthdate. (The invalid value is a list of the internal record numbers of Sires of the Breeding Exposure records instead of just the most recent one in the list.) This invalid value usually shows up as a previous Sire but it in a more rare circumstance it might appear to be the proper Sire selection. In either case, the Offspring created with the New Offspring button can be assigned an improper value (which usually corresponds to no Sire).

In all cases this Sire assignment bug on the New Offspring screen can be worked around by using Select and choosing a Sire any time after the Birthdate and Dam are entered and before clicking the "Create the Offspring" button.

Using Select to pick a Sire on a sheep record directly is not affected by this bug. This bug only affects the Add Offspring guided interface in situations where it tries to automatically fill in the Sire based on your entry of Breeding Exposure records for the Dam.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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