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Supplemental File 04 v1.0.0 (free)

Updated August 5, 2020


This is the calculation that will be built into the next update to FlockFiler. It is provided here to give early access to users who have very complicated pedigrees and who are experiencing slowdowns or failures of the built-in Relationship Calculation of FlockFiler Pro.

Download and Installation Instructions

Quit FlockFiler if it is currently running.

(FlockFiler) Download the and unzip the file: FlockFiler_Supplemental_04.zip (0MB).

Put the file "FlockFiler_Supplemental_04.ffp12" into your "FlockFiler32" or "FlockFiler64" folder. It should sit next to your FlockFilerCentral.ffp12, FlockFilerLiteData.ffp12, and FlockFilerProData.ffp12 files in the "FlockFiler32" or "FlockFiler64" folder.

Start FlockFiler Pro. The supplemental file will be found automatically when FlockFiler is started.

Navigate to the sheep form.

A new menu, "Supplemental", is displayed.

Browse to the set of records for which you want to calculate the relationship coefficients.

Navigate to the "Inbreeding" section of the "Pedigree" form and choose the "Compared to" record.

If you have not already done so previously, calculate the Wright's Inbreeding Coefficient for all of the records in the Found Set. The "Compared to" record also will need its Wright's Inbreeding Coefficient already calculated. The Relationship calculation in Supplemental 04 assumes that every record has this value filled in properly. If you are using Supplemental 04, you should probably be using Supplemental 03 to calculate the inbreeding coefficients.

Choose "File 04" from the Supplemental menu.

In the FlockFiler_Supplemental_04 window choose "Calculate Relationship Coefficients for FlockFiler Pro" to calculate the relationship coefficients for the Found Set of records compared to the other sheep that you have selected in the Inbreeding screen of FlockFiler Pro.

Click the "Close" button after the calculation finishes to return to "Calculate for Pro" where the calculated relationhship values are newly entered. You may need to switch records or click the View List button for the screen to update the display of the value for the current record.

Notes on Usage

Step 5 works from the hardest to easiest pedigrees so the percentage indicator will speed up as this stage progresses.

Step 6 works from the easiest to hardest pedigrees so the percentage indicator will slow down as this stage progresses.

This tool only calculates the relationship coefficient if it is empty so that you do not have to worry about waiting longer if you are just wanting to fill in missing values. If you want to recalculate existing values, choose "Erase existing relationship values so that you can recalculate them" from the Script menu before clicking the "Calculate Relationship Coefficients for FlockFiler Pro" button.

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