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"I received our FlockFiler software on Saturday and love it! I've been looking around for something that works for our small hobby farm and this fits the bill. It's wonderful to see their pedigrees fall into place."
Liz Swanson, Short and Sweet Sheep Farm,
South Windsor, CT

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Supplemental File 01 v1.1.1 (free)


  • 5-generation pedigree
  • 6-generation pedigree
  • report on recent lambing results

If necessary update to the latest version of FlockFiler. This supplemental file works with
FlockFiler Lite versions 2.0.7 through v2.1.0 and
FlockFiler Pro versions 1.0.7 through v1.1.0.

Quit FlockFiler if it is currently running.

(FlockFiler) Download the file: FlockFiler_Supplemental_01.FFP (0.5MB).

(FlockFiler32) Download and unzip the file: FlockFiler_Supplemental_01_FM14-32.zip (0.1MB).

Save this file into your "FlockFiler" or "FlockFiler32" folder. It should sit next to your FlockFilerCentral.FFP, FlockFilerLiteData.FFP, and FlockFilerProData.FFP files in the "FlockFiler" folder or your FlockFilerCentral.ffp12, FlockFilerLiteData.ffp12, and FlockFilerProData.ffp12 files in the "FlockFiler32" folder.

Start FlockFiler Lite or FlockFiler Pro. The supplemental file will be found automatically when FlockFiler is started.

Navigate to the sheep form.

A new menu, "Supplemental", is now displayed.

Choose "File 01" from the Supplemental menu to use the new features.

The new pedigrees will automatically display the sheep records you are actively browsing in FlockFiler. These are to be printed in landscape mode.

The Recent Lambing report will report on all of your breeding ewes.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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